Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Cool Stuff 2

Was searching for inspiration today,

Found some awesome stuff.

For those among you that love traditionally Animation this is from a CalArts student, Jennifer Hager 2007, This is beautiful student animation.

Animation Tricks
A blog full of more animation help to help your animation truly shine, Although to the less experienced, please get a firm grasp of your Animation Principals, before taking on most of this stuff.

The Scrachpost
A awesome site, full of help for Graduates facing the big bad world, from Demoreels, Resumes, Big Bad Interviews and etc.


Frank said...

Keep these post coming Cassie. Great work.

Frank said...

When the gryphon caught the kid, that was beautiful. And that old dog was really old, great character animation. Reminded me a bit of Rosie's film. The change in attitude from being a lame old dog into the dog chasing a frisbee was very good.

I really enjoyed watching that. It was almost 5 minutes long, a bit long for a show reel technically, BUT I was so into it I didn't notice the time.

Frank said...

Oh yeah, and it had Stitch right at the start, no wonder it caught your eye!

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