Thursday, May 14, 2009

Something to note no.4

Getting the Right Frame of Mind.

As an animator, I find that it is very easy to lose your positivity, creativity, even lose that sense of confidence in yourself to feel like you will never get any closer to being a reasonable or maybe even a awesome one if even you put the effort in.

The truth is, that animation on any given day takes a lot out of you. It wouldn't be so much fun if it didn't. It zaps your persistence, patience, peace of mind, emotions, motivation and so the list goes on.

The thing is to understand that you as the animator have to put the effort into being in the right frame of mind.

Be highly positive about your day in general and see how much that impacts on your animation and it also feels really great. :)

Have belief in yourself as an animator, that by failing you are succeeding (I know, it's sounds rather silly to a human being, since we are conditioned to want to win). I.e. that by attempting to experiment and pushing things to breaking point while animating, that even if doesn't have effect the that we needed, that we have extended our boundaries and therefore have become better animator and can create better animation through the experiences we have gained.

Keep an open mind and adsorb what is happening around you, I as you might not know, work nearly the whole day on Thursday at a small takeaway in a busy shopping center. Today when I had my break, I sat down to draw the people that passed me, I only had a few seconds before they walked past me and so I had to nearly had to sketch down my first impression of them. It was kind of funny as what was in my sketch book was some funny squiggles of outlines of people and with nearly an oval for a head every time, but I could tell that they were all different people, different genders, and their poses were different too since I was just copying what I seeing onto the paper as fast as I could. The thing is by capturing the world by sketching or adsorbing little moments of someone else's life as we watch them is valuable since we draw on this as animators in any future animations that we create.

Have a understanding that things are not going to happen overnight and that you need to persist if you want to get anywhere (oh boy, this is a hard one!)

There is a world full of people that have never felt the joy of animating or actually attempted to actually step out of the boundaries that they have been comfortable in and actually tried to live by their own terms.

You might ask why this might have a point to what I trying to explain, let me elaborate on this. Animating is like running a marathon without totally finishing, you make the laps and clock in better then the lap before and then you keep on running.

You learn and then that knowledge gets put into your animation and then you have to keep on striving, a critique later, a little bit more knowledge gets added too and we keep on going.

The thing is that we never know as much as everyone else and to pretend would be useless and a waste of time. You or I, will never wake up morning and create the most perfect animation in the world, to even think this is just plain kidding yourself.

You as the person in the chair there, reading this, you need to put your future in your hands (the teachers or the the rest of the world are not there to keep pushing you to extend yourself, you alone have to do that for yourself), work as hard as you can, and keep on working, never give up or give in because this your life and what do you want do with it?

I don't know about you, but I know what I want to spend my life by...

Animating awesome animation.

Who is with me?


The Loud One said...

Here here. This post couldn't come at a better time. Chin up to all and lets get some serious animation done!

Thanks Cassie

Keyfish said...

That was beautiful.


Frank said...

I'm with you Cassie.

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