Monday, May 11, 2009

Animation Quote for the Day.

I found this on the web, while I was trawling, It's so true...

“There’s a natural tendency for every creative person to want to get something perfect before they show it to anybody else,” agrees Lasseter. “It’s inherent in who they are. What we have to do is encourage people to show us their dirty laundry before it’s perfect. We live by this phrase coined by my creative partner at Pixar, Andrew Stanton, which is, ‘Be wrong as fast as you can.’ You are going to be wrong in your first treatment, your first draft, your storyboarding. But you are going to get so much faster to being right by showing it often. That’s very hard for creative folks to do.”_John Lasseter. Full Article

Oktapodi 2007 Animated by Students from Gobelins Animation School in France.

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frank said...

"Be wrong as fast as you can"

I think I'll use that in class :)

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