Friday, August 21, 2009

Notice to the Women Animators out there!

Hi Girls,
I thought that I would post these up here for you, since I did find them useful myself.

The first article is about how we tend not give the right impression when it comes to our body langauge. Click here to read.

The next article is about the habit as a women to underestimate yourself by judging yourself on what other people think. Click here to read.

These are from the Women in Games International mailing list, a mailing list dedicated to discussing the trails and tribulations of working in the industry from a female perspective.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, this is valuable info Cass. Thankyou

Frank said...

From a Miyazali lecture given at Berkley University in California this year:

"Q: What does the new generation of recruits at Studio Ghibli look like?

Miyazaki: We were considering 22 new animators but out of those, only 4 were men. And, after we had a round of eliminations, only 1 man was left. There are so many strong women now, I might just have to start making movies about men."

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