Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Understanding the structure underneath; why take the skeleton into account.

Why should you take the skeletal structure into account while animating? It is the basic structure of any basic living creature and therefore it will only move in accordance to the hinges or the rotators that are put in place to allow the freedom of movement within the confines of gravity.

Ball and socket joints: rotate until constrained either by the pelvis or the shoulder blade and clavicle.

Hinge joints: arc until constrained by the particular end of the joint which locks into place and does not allow over movement.

Vertebrae: is held in place by sheaths of muscle i.e. torso and neck which keeps the vertebrae in place while allowing the column to pivot.

If you want more study into the Anatomy of the Muscles of the Head and Neck check out the lecture by John Simmons only 7 minutes long, well worth watching for any animator. Click Here

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