Friday, February 7, 2014

Some late week, Animation Inspiration

Some lovely and very simple animation from Studio Ghibli

The making of The Bear and The Hare

Also I have to include this, it nearly made me cry. Wise words from Amelia Lorenz  on the Animator Letters Project. 

 "One other thing that I sometimes remind myself- storytelling is a way of bringing people together, and it can be a way of healing sometimes. So animators may not be like police officers or fireman or doctors, in the traditional sense, but I believe as storytellers we can be like doctors for the human spirit. We can show that the world can be beautiful, that people can learn and grow, and that life can be pretty cool. We can be like the cheer-leaders of the human race! So that makes me feel good, even though “all I do” is draw. I try to draw for good reasons. It seems like as long as I enjoy what I do, and others enjoy it too, then it’s worth it."  To see the whole letter

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