Sunday, June 3, 2012

Learning to feel emotion, not just correcting body mechanics

Hi everyone,

I was thinking that I would post about this, as a animator I feel that the difference between a great animator and just a normal animator.

Is the whether when you are animating you are only at body mechanics (don't get me wrong, body mechanics is really important. Game animators that pretty much all that they might do and they might be lucky enough to animate a character shot, game animation is challenging in the way that you have to figure out how to get that movement in about 8 frames and making it believable.

 Worrying about the body mechanics, at most><....

The stage that I feel that the most experienced animators reach and this is the level that you need to animate on is the emotional level that we can see your character and it is feeling, it's not just waving it's arms around or walking properly and the weight is properly balanced. It's movement is governed by thought as humans we have to think before we do things, feel before we react to stimuli. Waving the the character's arms is not going to cut it, it needs to feel that it needs to react that way, that the path of action it is on, feels right.

A good example of emotional level...

Notice that the movement was dictated by thought and feelings...

I was thinking that one of the barriers that you need to overcome and that I have found that Animation is Communication, you are telling the audience that it is a "real" person. Explaining "why" they feel that way and react to it is normal and they need to feel empathy for this "character". I found in myself that if you can't communicate clearly yourself to others in this wide world that it means that you can't understand "why" you haven't cleared this huge boulder that is on your path. AS ANIMATORS.... believe it or not we have to be like guest speakers on a stage but instead of us getting up there our characters get up there and deliver the speech. Communication is very important and as animators we need to understand that we need to communicate ourselves clearly and effectively to others in the effort to be able to communicate our animation to our audience.

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