Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The window into your soul - the important part of eyebrows and eye animation

It's funny people just don't know how true it is when someone says "I don't know, his eyes just spoke to me". Though it is both the eyebrows and the eyes that play such a important role.

Eyebrows show feelings

Eyebrow mirror the what eyes are trying to feel, the eyebrows are what makes the eyes crinkle up in a smile since the cheeks are being pushed up the eyebrows push down. It makes a pleasing shape that the other person  can just looks and knows what they are feeling. Have you noticed a "fake" smile before? the eyebrows are nearly neutral, they often say that "his eyes don't crinkle at the corner". People that shave their eyebrows off or have botox injections to this part, people find that they seem "expressionless".

Eyes show thought

Eyes mimic what the person is thinking, not so much the feeling. Why should they? they have the eyebrows to do that job. 

Eyes can tell you a lot about what the person is trying to talk about (the cogitative thought pattern for most people is this "he's talking about that", they have to dive through their memories to find a conclusive match to what the person is talking about and then say "ah, yes I had a trip to Canada once" even if the person is talking about their recent trip to India, the most relevant memory that the person can dredge up is going to Canada) So you will see their eyes dive around in their memory, it might be a simple "flick" and then back to the talker again if the memory is not that long ago, a week or so. Would be longer if the memory is quite awhile ago, the person might remember going to Canada but trying to remember what they did there .  

It can also be the deciding factor when you first meet someone if they seem to not maintain eye contact and their eyes are roving you might say "I didn't really like that person, his eyes are shifty". 
Though usually is just because he might be shy and remembered that he left his lecture notes at home, panicking about it and thinking that "did he feed the cat before he came here?"

They say that it is more likely that the person that is trying to keep more direct eye contact with you even if they are finding it more uncomfortable is the liar, with the appropriate body language of course.  

Eyes are important in role of  sight, but out of the two pupils in the picture do you find more attractive?

Good for you, you chose the larger pupil... It's a trick question, you know why? We are designed to find larger pupils more attractive because of the one thing. 

It shows attraction, if the person is in shock or disgust the pupil shrinks to a pinpoint and if the person loves something that or is showing interest/attraction in someone the pupils dilate to might even be nearly to the outer edge of the eye. 

You can see if someone remembers and recognises you from this, their eyes will get bigger. 

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Frank said...

These are fantastic posts Cassie! I love the descriptions mixed with the illustrations. The content is spot on and well researched. Keep them coming.

I'd like to share them in The Animation Garden.

A note on dilated pupils. They need to be matched to all the other things you describe: the facial expression and the communicative symbolism of eyebrow shapes.

When we think about the practical reason for opening up the pupil space, dilating the pupil, it is to let more light in. Physically, in bright light, our pupils get smaller to restrict the amount of light hitting the delicate nerve tissue at the back of the eye.

But emotions can set off biological chemical reactions to dilate the pupil. It is the subconscious saying, "need more light, need to see more". So if there is attraction and one person wants to see another person's face as clearly as possible, the pupils dilate. Or, if a person is frightened (different facial expression), and looking for a way to escape, the pupils dilate.

One trick to going out on a romantic rendezvous is to go to a candle lit restaurant. Due to the subdued light pupils will dilate and the person who has gone to dinner will feel a subconscious attraction to the other. Voila! Romance.

Some drugs will also cause pupil dilation. People who party with Ecstacy will have dilated pupils. It fits their altered emotional state while under the drug, of wanting to love and hug everyone. This chemical romance can cause a lot of misunderstandings the following day, so it is ill advised.

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