Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Family dog, Brad Bird

This is the first time I've seen family dog, but it is priceless. The character's are there as soon as the time that you see them. The hardest thing about animation is as any other performance is to win over the audience in the first 15 seconds of the character has on the screen. Each one of the "characters" has a well fleshed story line, The dad who want's to lie in front of the tv and get away from the family,The overworked wife that has noone to rant to except the dog, The little girl who is busy playing dress ups with her toys, and last but not least the boy that has the most fun when he is tormenting the dog and evading doing any chores around the house.

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Anonymous said...

Hi buddy! Sorry I missed catching up with you the other night. This is one of the best finds ever! I watched the first one and I see what you mean!D Wow! I can't believe how much brilliance and observation, dark and humourous, is in this. It's certainly something to really study closely, to enjoy, and to be inspired by! Talk to you soon.

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