Thursday, April 9, 2009

Something to note no.3

Ok, over the days I have been furiously animating over and drinking copious amounts of coffee. I found a big side effect of doing lots of computer animation.

Dry Eyes.
THIS is not a good thing, I was wondering around work with my eyes feeling like they had gone on a trip to mars and back.

What causes it is, not blinking enough while in front of the computer and other environmental factors like air conditioning to boot. It effectively does what it's name suggests dries out the surface on the eye, leaving you with very sore eyes.

Although there is a very easy cure. Eye drops:)! and trying to remember to take breaks every 5 minutes and blinking more often.

So if you are deciding to do lots of animating in a stint, be forewarned and follow the steps above. :P


Dognam Hippy said...

If animators had really long tongues like camellions, then they would be able to lick their eyes to keep them moist instead of using eyedrops.

Also save your old tea bags and put them on your eyes when you have a rest, tea is soothing for sore eyes. Unfortunately one may end up with brown panda eyes. But this is what animators have to bear for their art.

Frank said...

Hi Cassie

As DJ advises, animators are 70% water just like normal human beings. But I reckon the other 30% is made up of 2 minute noodles and coffee mixed together.

Except in your case, you are 100% passionate about animation (even though you'll end up running and owning a chain of Chinese restaurants, maybe :P )

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