Sunday, September 13, 2009

The constant search for Inspiration

One of the most important things as animator is sourcing motivation and get it to flow through those veins, to feel your heart pump and fingers start tremble and those eyes light up, when you're animating a scene. The hard part is to keep the motivation high, and not to let those animation "blues" be bringing you down.

Inspiration is possibly the most motivational,
Things that make me feel inspired;

The Old Disney Masters linetests and other great pieces of animation that are floating around (I try to get the opportunity to go through it frame by frame, "oh, that's where they did this or that" I say to myself as I am doing it),

Animation Podcasts, they are very easy to listen to while you are doing animation and it is inspiring to listen to these legend animators talking about their "break" into the industry and listen to what they have worked on too.

Animation Books and Animation Tutorials, they do give you the inspiration to step up the game and give the chance for you to put your best foot forward... learned much more about the graph editor that I did before and that gave me more time to think about my animation instead :).

Teaching someone about something that you have learned about animation and talking about animation is really good too, it gets you ingrain the knowledge a little bit deeper and also give you chances to remember what makes you so passionate about animation.

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