Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Cats don't Dance

I came across this today, some of the animation is absolutely brilliant, I wish that I had gone through it frame by frame.
Check it it out.


The Loud One said...

I had never heard of or seen this before. But now? I'm in love :D

That little girl has to be in the top 10 scariest villains of history. I think even hitler would shit his lydahozen if she were real. I went and watched the rest of it too, the animation was that good and addicting.

Cassie said...

Hi Sarah,
Nor, had I and I also did watch it all the way through too..
The storyline, was probably the thing that lead it to obscurity.
Shame :(

Yup, whoever animated on that film I would of loved to shake them by the hands, some lovely animation!

Frank said...

That was fun.

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