Thursday, April 2, 2015

Understanding the magic of FLOW

You have heard of flow right? The mystical magic of this far fetched creative state that makes you so concentrated that you lose track of time and just focused on the task at hand.

We live in a "now" state, now, now, now. Checking phones, watching the clock counting down the end of the day and procrastination until we run of the time. One of the fun things I have heard, do a task for 2 minutes if you want to quit after 2 minutes then do it (but usually you never do). Also take breaks do a task for 25 minutes, stop for 10/15 minutes and then get back to it (which I would suggest since animation tends to be RSI heavy and you really need to look after your wrists if you want to animate without pain).  Flow tends to move between states that you are in and then out, So you need to not push it because it doesn't come to the front while trying to force it (like going to sleep).

There is a post over at Daring to Live Fully on how to enter a flow state

Pay more attention to tasks.Take time to actually clear the mental clutter that might look like a walking, bouncing, junkyard. Breath (yes, yes, of course you breath or you die) I mean Breathe as in, 6 counts in, 5 counts out.

Don't think that you have no time to develop one major skill that you need as a Animator.

Happy Animating!

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