Saturday, April 4, 2015

Artistic dilemma or ESP? Why animators are not usually good storytellers.

Good news first, I am going to be writing some brilliant articles as a guest over at Animation Salvation for DJ Nicke. Which I'm looking forward to when I finish them  and of course I will link them over here so you can peruse them over there at your leisure.

In the process of writing them, the internal dilemma stepped in and kicked me neatly in the face. Most of the posts here that have had traffic from other sites have been the anatomy ones and those are the ones I will be writing more in depth over at Animation Salvation. 
 Animators do not need knowledge of physiology or clinical medicine, nor the memorization of so many muscles in groupings that it makes your brain fall out your ears and make your eyes bleed. Sorry for that last mental picture, but you know. 

We live for stories and for the simple explanations for many more complicated answers as Eisenstein said “If you can't explain it to a six year old, you don't understand it yourself.” 

The problem with the creative mind is that it mostly assumes that it can explain things the way it wants to and that everyone is going to get it;

This is what we do with stories cram them full, since everyone loves details right? We want to put all our ideas forward like precious new babies wrapped in bubble wrap that no one will break. We make the story confusing, muddled in the unnecessary. 

Most of the most the powerful stories can be told in the same space of time as knock-knock joke, not that you want to. We remember the things that identified with us as individuals, love, betrayal, guilt, loss, grief and being happy. We are primary driven by emotions, the conviction that we are feeling is right and most of us are empathetic with others that are showing emotion. 

To sum up, we need and crave simple. The comfort food for the soul is stories and people that can play in tune with the heartstrings.

So happy animating, til next time!

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