Friday, April 19, 2013

Post on your Blog, or you will be a Dead Animator.

This is a warning for most Animators, I have seen a lot of dead blogs lately. It can mean one of two things....

1) You decided that for "some reason" that you are putting up your animation cape, Animation is a life blood of an Animator you can't rip it out of yourself and throw it away, it becomes part of you as your personality. You cannot stop thinking about animation no matter how much you try because it is part of you, even if you make reasons like the "industry" or "my computer doesn't run maya at the moment" it is with you every time you study something down to its raw detail or learn more about the world.

2) When your blog doesn't get that many hits, that is true that it can discourage a lot of animators especially just out of training and then being thrown back out to the real world. You have to find someone to "critique" your work fast if you want to keep up that level of training.

Yes, groupings of animators like the 11 Second Club, Animator's Forum and the Forums at AWN can make you get a lot of feedback in a short amount of time and can make you very confused when you get "move the leg a bit", "character off balance" and "too fast/too slow" you just want to feel like commenting back to the the critique "please go into a little more detail". So you do have to rely on critiques that come from family or even better colleagues that give you down the second toe on the right foot.

 Keep on posting however, you need to get your work seen and a place that you can casually place your demo reel for viewing is a essential. Animators get out of your shells or under rocks that you being hiding in and POST on your blogs. It doesn't have to be much a 5 minute getting out of the chair, facial animation shot of some dialogue even a bouncy ball exercise will do.... Because when your blog falls silent, no one comes to visit and then my friend you are a dead animator.

Keep posting, keep animating, keep learning. Until next time, happy animating!

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