Friday, February 8, 2013

The differences in Anatomy and Physiology, Man v.s. Woman

Starting with the hip

 Now what you probably don't know is, that women have a larger hip space (surprise, surprise) that means that they tend to have that tilted sway to their walk compared to the the nearly straight up and down with little to no sway for a man as you can see in the picture below the angle for the weight to be dispersed on the legs.

 Second, is the ribs and shoulders
If you look below the drawing clearly shows the difference in torso and the shoulder orientation as it applies to the sexes with the male shoulders being further out of the centre of the body resulting in this shape in the arms > and females having the shoulders nearly directly inside the centre of the body causing the arms to take on < shape. With men having a larger torso to move the shoulders do not swing as freely and pulls the centre of gravity of the top of the body a little lower to the ground than a female. 

The shape of Women and Men differ with the hormones produced in the body with testosterone aiding muscle production and men having a higher metabolism than females. The body also differs storing excess fat in different places with women storing it on their hips ant thighs and men having the proverbial "beer gut". 

Women and Men also differ on the idea of the ideal body, with women wanting men to have a tapering torso with a firm behind and men wanting women to have the "hourglass" figure.  

The both sexes go through a later stage a menopause if you will with men getting less testosterone and women only have none or slight production of oestrogen. Therefore the body takes on the characteristic of the secondary sex hormone, Aldosterone. Which then give both sexes that androgynous figure of later years.

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