Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Scribbled Notes of the Crazy Animator

Hi all that read my blog, I love taking notes, especially when someone says something profound.. the problem is as all of us animators (I think) write quite slowly (well, unless I'm Rushed and then my handwriting looks like it's been written by a very drunk, caffeine soaked squirrel) then I cannot read anything... so I usually have to skip back and listen to again... but anyway.. I thought I would write my notes up here that are on backs of a letter and old copies of resumes (not mine but a housemates)><...

(Inside the Actors Studio, Micheal Caine)  (On what directors want) "I always think what is the man they want to see and how close I am to that..."
"People look, behave and react, that's all they do"
The most important thing in acting is watching people listening and their face changing as you speak, according to what you say.
You have to look for humor in everything, as without humor you are not human.

(It doesn't tell me, on the notes who was the animator, oops!)
If it looks human= it should move like a human. Rotate is harder than translate. More mass = slower, timing realistic=slower v.s. timing cartoon= faster. The Root of the Character is usually not the center of gravity. Body pass, hands pass, secondary movement pass. 1.Object in motion stays in motion 2. energy is neither created nor destroyed it is merely transferred. 3. Every action has equal and opposite reaction.Gravity a constant force, mass not stopping at once. Staging-force the audience to look at what you want to show, be clear with the animation silhouette  for staging. All movement is in arcs. Secondary animation, compliments that primary action, know character well. No magic in animation just getting what you want.Think about acting for the audience.

Robert Catchera
Two parts, the body language and the face. It says so much about the character (in his face). Life action reference is really useful. Squash and Stretch, illusion of weight, volume and rigidity of the material.polish out overshoots in the graph editor. Exaggeration make the pose clearer and stronger and don't overdo it. Action too small, the audience will not understand what your character is doing. Stopping is not organic it always needs to be moving. Anticipation for any action that needs to be explained.Nothing starts and stops at the same time. Get a second opinion of your work.

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