Friday, February 15, 2013

Cooking with gas, unless someone turns it off,,,

We need to feed the creative fire that is inside us as Animators, there is trials and tribulations in life but nothing is so bitter then feeling you are not getting anywhere as animator... as this starts to creep in you feel deep down like you are not worthy of being an animator.

A couple of ways to starve "The Mondays" Animator Blues:

  • Read up about one of your Animation Hero's ("they had bad days too")
  • Listen to an Animation podcast 
  • Watch a favorite Animator's Demo Reels (the earlier demo reels of their work, can be insightful)
  • Enroll in a local life drawing class
  • Take a class in Human or Animal Anatomy
  • Take up Acting, classes or the local acting guild
  • Set up an Animation event or go to an Animator's lecture
  • Look at buying some more Animation Books
  • Watch animated movies (some spots pause and go through frame by frame)
  • Go and sit in the park/cafe/zoo and sketch people or animals
  • Talk or Email other Animators
  • Join a online Animation Forum
  • Subscribe to an Animator's Magazine
  • Read other Animators Blogs
  • Watch a great movie with the sound on mute
There are many other things that you can do as an Animator to cure "Monday-itis", the trick as with everything is to "stay positive". It is a big bad world out there but you need to stay true to yourself and your animation... The only person that is better than you, is yourself.

"Believe" and you can move Animation mountains.

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