Monday, January 21, 2013

Getting the obvious... to open your eyes as an animator

"Life... not as we know it" 

As Animator we always bridge the divide between the observations of the mundane to the wonderful and bring the illusion of movement, that something has life of it's own. 

We have be observers and notice things that most humans never notice and the emphasis between the movement that is there when there is no activity, Moving hold (muscles constricting by themselves, trembling of limbs, air forcing the lungs to expand and contract, the arteries moving the fingers) this is what we need to bring to our moving holds... when we are still are bodies are not, the systems in place make sure that we stay alive.

The movement before the action Anticipation, (the lungs increasing volume, breathing quickens, eyes start moving faster as they blink in anticipation and start focusing where the body will be moving to, muscle contract as the brain informs them that the body will be moving) this, is not just for the start of a strenuous activity as you see at the Olympics but the body just getting out of the chair or start walking.

The action itself The Keys and Betweens, (the muscles start contracting from the origin of the moment i.e. the muscles around clavicle and the shoulder drive the action of throwing the ball, the elbow start engaging as the muscles in the upper arm pull the the hinge up, the tendons start pulling fingers tight around the ball as the they start contracting from their origin behind the elbow, the muscles above shoulder and the clavicle engage even more to pull the the arm straight up. the body has started to slow the breathing as the blood starts flowing quicker with the oxygen rich blood the heart starts to beat quicker to keep up the supply to the muscles that are working. The eyes hold the gaze as the body gets more focused in the activity. then the muscles engage to throw)

The movement after, Extreme (the muscles tremble and spasm slightly as they  stop contracting as they have done their job, performed the task that they were asked to by the brain, the body slowly returns to normal heart beat rhythm as the lungs return to the normal expansion rate. The muscles in the face might twitch slightly as the eyes track movement of the ball waiting the indication to move the body into a emotional state depending what the ball does.)

This is what we go through  for every action that we take, for every action there is a equal and opposite reaction.

High speed footage:
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