Friday, July 13, 2012

Quality v.s. Quantity, The great dilemma

Hi Guys,

Stumbled over a really nice list of posts of Jason Schleifer over at his Animator Friendly Rigging blog. He goes into detail about how much of a dilemma animators have with the age old question of Quality v.s. Quantity. It is in 6 parts, 1 the great debate, 2 learning to focus, 3 what about quality, 4 intent, 5 finding the intent, 6 one more thing

Thanks also to Scott LaFleur and his blog S.L.A.P with his post on Facial Animation Notes


Johnny said...

Hey Cassie, great posting as always!

One thing I noticed...your quote by DJ Nicke (on the right of your blog) says not to listen to music while you animate.

I disagree, music helps you get to that good place where things happen like magic! Perhaps he means the type of music? Just a thought, what do you think?

Cassie said...

The problem with music is it can throw you off the "beat" of the animation, you can sit there and zone out well without music if you don't have distractions.

Though I know many people that animate with music blasting through their head phones.

Milt Karl apparently would go off if he didn't have complete silence while he was animating.

I would say its up to you to decide, I personally don't animate listening to music any more, but in a place like SBIT I can understand plugging in the head phones or going off at the people that are having chair races while your animating.

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