Thursday, June 28, 2012

Weight and Timing in the Body

Another post, One thing that has occurred to me while I have been animating and I just thought of something and it just stuck.

And it is simple as this... Is the weight and timing going to be different for different areas of the body?

I think I have given you enough time to think about it.... you probably thought "yes" it does... 

You are probably to the point in your animating that you have have the idea down that timing of the movement has to originate from the torso when moving... legs, arms, torso and the head have to take their direction from driving forces, thinking and balance as well as gravity and physics.

But have you thought that because things weigh more in the body that they will take more time to respond to the movement and the force of the action? Swing your arm around.. and notice that the heavier upper arm even though the movement originates from shoulder will have different timing and different response to the force of movement compared to your very light hand.

So think your timing needs to be like this for example....
Torso 8/10 frames to Upper Arm 4 frames to Hands 2 frames... work it out until it feels nice to you

Next time your animating... think about this it will make your animation "much" better.

Thanks to all guys for reading this post and reading this blog :)

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