Thursday, May 24, 2012

Educating people to the world of "Animation"

It's funny how fast peoples eyes glaze over after you tell them that you are an animator,
 though saying that, they do sometimes ask the question.. do you do hand drawn animation?... or they say "oh, that's great my kids love pixar/disney"

It's funny how fast people dismiss the art that we call our own, it is like the magician "oh we seen this trick before, he just hides it up his sleeve".
 People are easy to dismiss something that they think is easy "you just sit there in front of the computer and move the character around and that takes you three weeks or so to do 10 seconds ???"

 (Believe me, I know I had a stint as QA games tester, I always wanted to kill the people that used to say " all you do is sit there and play games, and you get paid for that??
No, you check that user can play the game, that means playing the game over and over, checking that the walls and floors don't have areas that you can fall through, that you are collecting the right trophies and communicating the bugs encountered back to the right department with right wording.)

It's time to fight as Animators, to educate the general audience. next time someone comes up to you say that your a "animation control technician" explain how hard it is "trying to control the outcome so that the product is realistic to the public" that it, the product "has to go through rigorous Quality Assurance (critiques and directors) and that you are personally in charge of your section of the product and that you have to put in the hours even overtime to put it out there" and that sector that you work in " invests and makes millions of dollars per year with these products"

If they ask if they can see the product, just say "oh, yeah sure I think one is showing at the local cinema"

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