Thursday, March 22, 2012

Animation Workflow, is important.

I know when your a beginner animator that the further-est thing from you mind is this "Workflow" thingie. Mostly you might of had just gone over the principals and they're loosely stuck in your head and then the teacher introduces you to Maya, or Flash and you just having a hard time trying to get the rig to move.. putting keys everywhere... over rotating the bloody thing until maya has enough of you and it looks like you're character is turning into a windmill.

Workflow is a important step, even if you turn off the computer sit down and start drawing or even writing the action that will help you more than going into the program "move arm her, legs here" kind of mess. I had many times that I thought that my animation teacher was going to have my head... "Cassie, have you thought out that scene?" and of course I hadn't ><

Moral of the story is.... get a work flow :P

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Anonymous said...

Watched it twice!D Will watch it again. I like how workflow has to be adaptive to the task requirements....not just a they use...adaptive both those animations!
It made sense that he would work out the flight path first....interested in the layers .....have you worked in layers and does it make it cleaner and easier to work with?

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