Monday, March 19, 2012

Adaptation, animators need it too :)

I was watching Adaptation, I really love this scene from an animators point of view. Brad Bird says "to animate life you have to have a life". But sometimes it is hard to get to the core of a character when you haven't clue what they are thinking, the usual excuse is that it is too hard to get that character, that the world is "normal". We are animators, the tools are inside ourselves and drawing on our emotions feelings and desires are what actually brings that character "to life".

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Anonymous said...

Painful funny scene with Robert Mackee cracks me up. "Adaption" was hilarious.....I did read "The Orchid Thief" but yes it's more fascinating for the details....I thought the movie was an odd hybrid and loved the black humour because it's ending was a real swipe at the unpredictability of real life...and in fact the movie did a pretty humourous job of portraying the unfairness of life and the long stretches of plodding. Which to tie in with what you are saying , animators need that plodding, I do, that steady plodding structure.....I think that encapsulate the dark irony of the movie...that the ending may or may not be made up? to satisfy Mackee's rant/boot up the bum. So as animators we nees to adpt to changes in circumstances but still keep plodding along at creating.....but still put ourselves out there and as you say LIVE...and observe events and people around us and elsewhere...your right...and living is such a balancing act! Especially the creative life. The end of Adaption was just a crack up especially seeing Meryl Streep acting that way!!!!!!! Anyway lots more layers in that movie and it's as complex as finding a good work, practice life balance as a creative person. Very good post...see've really made me think...and I was discussing this theme with Frank in an email the other day....and everytime I see what Ian and Vicki are creating....!Wow! I think that's the best thing about conversing with other creative people...they spark your own creativity...they keep the obseving and questioning mind open and exploring!

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