Friday, November 6, 2009

Animation Advice

Can you give some advice to young people who would like to work in animation?
Pete Docter: I get a lot of people telling me, "I'm thinking of making an animated film." Well don't think about it...DO IT! Today's technology makes it easier than ever to create films right in your home. I had a teacher tell me, "You've got 10 thousand bad drawings in you before you get to the good ones. So get drawing." The same goes for films (though, as you're making them, they're all works of genius).

Bob Peterson: Several things. First of all, just start animating! Don't wait for someone to say it's ok. When I was younger I drew a comic strip that appeared everyday in my college newspaper -- I got to draw a lot and get a ton of feedback from readers. This was invaluable to me as a storyteller today. Always carry a notebook to do sketches. Watch and analyze animation. Go to conferences and get to know people -- it is who you know sometimes that does get you the job. The best advice is to make sure to get good life experiences -- we draw from our experiences every day in story and animation!

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