Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Words of wisdom

From the Guy that made Pigeon Impossible, Lucas Martell

"As animation nears completion, I’ve found myself slowing down and its taking way longer than I had anticipated per shot. The taskmaster side of me hates that, but its also been a great insight into how my brain works. I’ll go through phases where I’m really motivated and can crank out shots extremely quickly. These always seem to happen when I’m not doing other freelance jobs and so production takes on more of a “work” atmosphere. I need to put in my 8-10 hours a day in order to feel like I’ve accomplished something worthwhile that day. However, most of the work on PI has been done after hours and on the weekends. I’ve learned that when I’m busy with paying jobs, I really can’t force myself to work or crank out the footage. The only way to get anything productive done is to approach it as a fun learning experience. It’s kind of like tricking my brain into working. Instead of sitting down with a specific goal in mind, I’ll usually just scrub through a little piece of the animatic. When some little thing sparks an idea, I’ll play around with it and usually before I know it, I’ve started posing the shot. That’s usually the toughest hurdle. Once I’ve started something, its easy to keep working on it but getting over the “blank piece of paper” syndrome is a lot tougher. I hope my brain doesn’t catch on before this project is finished."

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