Monday, October 19, 2009

Inanimate Objects; What point do they come alive?

Saw a the wind moving an dandelion seed along the ground today, though in my head I knew the reason why it was moving but it was appealing and after awhile I forgot that I was watching something that wasn't alive and wasn't moving of it's own accord.

Basically,it was following the basic rules of life which I wrote down on the spur of the moment and here they are (If there are anymore that people think of, they are welcome to post in the comment section);

A) Thought (Time for reflection, the object stops still for awhile)
B) Change of direction and momentum (suddenly slow down and moves in a different direction or speeds up)
C) Clear sense of Personality (how does it move to express itself, and the weight it carries i.e does it need more momentum to move?)
D) Change of Thought (disorientation or the thought that was going to be carried out gets forgotten, moves slightly in one direction and then moves another and then slows down to a stop)

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Frank said...

I think conscious thought is the key ingredient of when things are "alive" and animated by what people call a soul.

It is easier to interpret for an observer, if there is thought then movement (yay animation!), but something that is sitting still can be alive and thinking.

Somethings that move are not 'alive' and somethings that are living are not 'alive' because they do not possess, or are not possessed by, a consciousness.

Somethings, or people, that are unconscious are still living and have the potential to be 'alive' but it is the animation of the conciousness that communicates to others that they are indeed alive.

A very thought provoking post.

Hey, I am alive! Or should that be aliiiieeeve!?

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