Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Learning Curve.

I came across the other day about there scientifically being "plateau's" in learning. So when we actually are learning we are learning like this:

So therefore we take much more time between one stage to the next learning and we also have times were we seem to not of progressed at all or might of taken a few steps back. Also with this we tend to come rather discouraged and upset with ourselves about not "advancing" at all.

How to Be an Original blog has a few helpful pointers about beating this problem

"Beating the plateau
Even when the plateau is not really a plateau (you’re still making progress), how can you beat the feeling that you’re not making progress? Here are some suggestions:

* Focus on the fun
Focus on enjoying what you’re doing, rather than on the progress you want to make. You have left the beginner stage, you’re at intermediate level already, now have some fun!
* Take some time off
If you get frustrated with the new sport (or every other learning process), take some time off. If you’re losing the fun, don’t pursue your learning goals relentlessly. Take some time off to regain the fun, but don’t quit!
* Celebrate your intermediate level
You’re not a beginner anymore! Be proud! At this time you can change from learning to gaining experience. At the intermediate stage and beyond gaining experience is the learning process. You have the rudimentary skills, now repeat them a lot to integrate them into your system. And by doing so you’re building confidence.
* Accept that there is not learning plateau
The learning plateau is not real, it’s a mental concept. You are making progress, it just doesn’t feel like it. Accept that there’s no learning plateau and reframe it to the concept of slower progress of more advanced stages. There is no learning plateau…"

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Cassie, these little gems of truth like this will be stored away, to be used when needed.

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