Thursday, June 4, 2009

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The secret ingredients

An animation is basically a sequence of different images at a given time that gives the illusion of movement. But the illusion of movement is not a mechanical question. To go from point A to point B you can think on a straight line. But real life is not that way. There are curves. I mean, give the illusion of movement in a believable way the animator must take account some of the classic ingredients:

* Timing: Not all the actions occurs at the same speed. Even the speed changes from the beginning, the middle and the end of the action.
* Weight: Objects have weight. A good animation should reflect it. The weight feeling is accomplished by the combination of the drawing and the timing.
* Anticipation/Reaction: By using a good anticipation, the spectator should predict what’s going to happen later. The reaction is a natural way of express the believability of the actions.
* Overlapping: Actions doesn’t occur one each time. They always happen overlapping with other actions.
* Posing: By carefully selecting the key poses, the spectator can feel the storyline without need to have visual feedback of the in betweens. Human brain can make up the middle images if the poses are good enough to describe a good action.
* Exaggeration: Usually exaggerate the matters of things helps on the rest of ingredients. Exaggerate the ingredients allows make them more noticeable for to the spectator. Excerpt from an article, click here to read more

A really good In depth guide on doing a walk in 3D Click here

Tricks to Animating Characters with a Computer, by John Lasseter. free ebook, click here to read it.

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