Sunday, May 24, 2009

Cool Stuff

How to reason or work out your acting choices in your animation before animatingClick here for the link

Also why the 12 principles of Animation are a guide only, a paper on using the LABAN movement to further your animation skills Click here for the link

The some of best animation off the Aniboom channel on Youtube:

This was done by a expert animator, notice all the overlapping action and the squash and stretch on objects.

An AM gradute film.

Graduate student from Ringling Animation school.

Intresting Concept, and use of render.

Another AM student, I couldn't resist. :P

Liked this one nice poses, but still definatly student work since the model sheet goes out the window but still.

Animation mentor graduate film.

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Frank said...

Hi Cassie

Thanks for sharing the cool stuff :)

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