Monday, March 30, 2009

Something to note no.2

Hi, to anyone who might read this.
I usually find things that inspire me or or other animators advice on the net all the time. I print them out and tack them on my wall where I can read them when I'm passing by.

The Quote I like most, that sums up animation goes like this;

"Here's to the joy of learning and growing as an animator. Always be brutal, always hear what others have to say (with no prideful stiff-necked rejection of it), always tear your stuff apart, always adapt and grow."

-Keith Lango

I try constantly to try harder to get a better quality of acting in my animation. Also to take risks to extend myself further by trying to understand what other people are bringing to the table as fully fledged animators. Lastly and the most important thing of all...

To ask these people to show me what they have done.

What do you lose by emailing someone and asking if they have time to help you to become a better animator?


The worst thing is they can say no, but what if they say yes? you have got a extra chance to become a better animator. You, have a chance to ask someone who might inspire you and the best thing of all?

You might actually learn something. :)

Aliensong Victor Navone 1999

An Interesting article on the Making of Aliensong.
The Making of Aliensong

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