Friday, February 27, 2009

11 second club entry for Februrary

Hi to anyone who has the time to read my blog.
I am posting my entry for February's 11 second club.
As always feel free to leave any comments or criticism, it always helps.


Frank said...

hey cassie

well done for getting an entry in.

the first and one of the most important parts of saying you are going to animate something, is to actually do it.

a lot of animators don't even get that far.

i look forward to casting my vote

Ian said...

Hey there Cassie.

Great to see your staying productive.

The main thing I can see happening here is a lot of pc tweening. Thats where you let the computer do lots and lots of inbetweens between two different poses so that the character slowly drifts from on pose to the next. It can look very unatural. A better option is to hit a pose and then hold it for a while, or do a floating hold, which is when you have two copies of a pose with just the slightest tiniest difference between them so that there is a tiny bit of movement there (usualy relaxing the pose a smidge)

The next thing I would say is to make sure you get some gestures with meaning in there. Don't just move the hands around because you think they should. That will make all your characters look like they are doing poublic speaking (where they tech you to never stop moving your hands). Use some gestures that give us a deeper insight into what the character is thinking or feeling.

All that said, its great work and very impressive that you are this motivated. A good sign indeed :)

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